Ufortjent hardkjør mot Ungarn

Ungarere er et frihetselskende folk, og opposisjonen er hard i sin kritikk av statsminister Viktor Orbán. Publisert: 20.01.20 i Dagens...

Bli krenket, bli kjent?

Publisert i Fædrelandsvennen den 25.09.2019. De er halvnakne, de er sinte, de viser gjerne magefett, strekkmerker og puppene på...

Mare nostrum lives today?

Could the countries of the North, East and South-Meditarrenean act in a unified way? Creating a strong regional power, idealistically...

Multicultural work-places in Norway

We all talk about living in a multicultural society – but what do we really mean when we say we have a ‘‘multicultural society‘? what...

Youth crime in Norway

An eye for an eye…Will not remove our society’s problem with youth crime. The original article was published in Dagens Næringsliv on the...

Philantropy with no strategy

Published in Minerva, January 2019. Following is the text translated from Norwegian to English, due to this translation some concepts may...

A common migration-policy trap

The UN believes that the refugee crisis requires a supranational solution. The European Union has previously tried to install a common...

On copts in Egypt

English translation at the bottom. Publisert i tidsskriftet Minerva den 07.11.2018 Sist uke ble den koptiske befolkningen i Egypt rammet...

Where are the 8 points?

English translation at the bottom. Det skrives mye om terrorkrisen i disse dager, både i Norge og mer internasjonalt. De fleste debatter...




​Master of Arts in public policy. Work experience from the fields of immigration and deportation, police work, EU diplomacy, as well as marketing, sales and communication. Work experience from both private and public sectors.

Professional skills: Strong strategic as well as creative thinking skills, good at operative management, good at coordination and communication in multicultural settings.

Interpersonal skills: Flexible, clear and concise way of communicating, pro-active, used to unpredictable and uncertain situations that require quick decision-making.

Personal skills: extrovert, operative, and efficient.


French – fluently (French school), Spanish –fluently (internship Madrid), Norwegian – fluently, English (fluently), Arabic - (basic)


  • 2014-2015 King's College London       

  • Master of Arts in Public Policy

  • -Thesis: Migration Policy in Europe – A joint decision trap?

  • -King's College London ranked amongst the top 20 best universities in the world.

  • -Received grade A on my thesis and a merit (equal to B+) overall.

  • 2013 Eötvös Loránd University Budapest,  Hungary, Erasmus exchange at Eotvos Lorand (ELTE).

  • - Minority policy making in central and eastern European countries (Roma and Sinti). Received grade B on my BA thesis and a B+ overall.

  •   University of Oslo, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science. Majoring in EU studies.-Received B overall on my degree

  • Work experience:

  • 2020 - Telenor - Senior investigations Expert

  • 2018 – Royal Norwegian Embassy in     Amman, Jordan -Consular and Visa Attaché at the Norwegian Embassy.

  • 2018 – Royal Norwegian Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, Consular and Visa Attaché at the Norwegian Embassy 

  • 2017-2018 National Immigration Police of Norway (PU) ID investigations – North Africa, Higher Executive Officer – current position.

  • 2017 – Royal Norwegian Embassy in  the United Arab Emirates

  • Higher Executive Officer

  • 2015-2016 Euromonitor, International, London 

  • 2015-2016 Conflict Security Development Research Group          London, United Kingdom         

  • 2012-2013  EU delegation to Norway                                  


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