• Sophie Haaland Matláry

Migration policy in Europe: A joint decision trap?

In 2015 I wrote my master thesis on the topic of asylum policy making in the EU, analyzing if and how, the European countries would move towards a common policy in the area of asylum and migration. In 2015, there was not common policy, albeit several failed attempts.

As we see now in 2018, no common policies have been created, and the countries of the EU have drifted further apart in their construction of shared migration policies. It seems obvious that the Western and the Eastern countries of Europe are ideologically and culturally very different from each other - not only in regards to asylum policy making, but in almost any social policy creation.

Following is the table of contents of the thesis published at King's College London in 2015. To read the entire thesis please leave a message or comment.

My conclusion in 2015 was as follows:

In 2018, the topic of creating a common asylum policy for the entire union is no longer discussed. Not because the topic is no longer relevant, as Sub-Saharan influx of migrants as well as from other regions is very much relevant, but because there has been a lack of interest and desire to join a common policy agreement even after several migration crisis'. As the EU only uses soft-power in order to make countries implement policies, it is not successful in creating commitment at higher level. Supranational governance in the EU has been a serious problem, and continues to be so, more now than ever before - as structural and ideological differences between East and West emerging.

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